Idaho Falls Car LoansQ.    What types of loans do you do?

A.    We deal with any level of credit good or bad. We are a secured lender, so we primarily do auto financing or lending against titled assets with bank type loans. We can finance recreational items as well as autos. We can payoff high rate title loans and get you an installment loan with a set term and a reasonable annual interest rate.

Q.    What are your loan terms?

A.    Up to 48 months (installments)

Q.    How much do you loan?

A.    Up to $10,000.00

Q.    How do I apply?

A.    Call us, come on in, or email us at chastainfinancial@yahoo.com

Q.    I have bad credit- will that stop me from getting a loan?

A.    No.  We work with all credit profiles.

Q.    Where are you based out of?

A.    Idaho Falls, Idaho

Q.    How long have you been in business?

A.    In business in the area for over twenty years.  Opened this company in 2010.

Q.    Can you help me rebuild my credit?

A.      Yes.  We report monthly to the bureau on all accounts to help you build your credit worth.