Jared G.(Perry, UT)-  I have been a customer to the  Gary Chastain family since 1994.  They are honest and caring people and I consider Gary a friend as well as my lender.  I would recommend them to anyone!

Carlos B. (Kearns, UT) –  I started doing loans with Shane Chastain in his previous company in 2005.  I think so highly of him that I transferred my current loan to him when he opened his own business.  He is a good guy and great to work with.

Whitney R. (Idaho Falls, ID) –  Chastain Financial paid off my title loan for one tenth of the cost as to what I was paying.  They were friendly and very fast.

Brenda A. (Idaho Falls, ID) –  They cut my interest rate down to a fraction of what I was paying.  Good people!!!

Ruben U. (Idaho Fall, ID) –  They helped me to rebuild my credit.

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